Vinnie Creecher
Rsz creepies dad
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Mosquito
First Appearance "The Tell-Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "Night of a Thousand Legs"
Voiced by Dwayne Hill
Vinnie is a mosquito, he's the husband of Caroleena, and adoptive father to Creepie. He is a Vegan whose hobbies are painting and meditation.

Mike Young Productions ProfileEdit

"Creepie’s dad is a vampire mosquito with the sinister, dark appearance of the bloodsucker he used to be. He used to see the whole human race as his own private juice bar. When Vinnie adopted Creepie, however, he knew he had to change, so Vinnie became a vegan. He’s adopted his new, healthier lifestyle with all the fanaticism of a convert. For the most part Vinnie is able to stick to his blood-free diet but every once and awhile he gives in to temptation and goes on a blood binge, getting so bloated he blows up to three times his normal size. Then, he’s overcome with remorse and swears never to fall off the wagon again. Vinnie has adopted a New Agey philosophy to go along with his new lifestyle, encouraging all his children to find themselves, be themselves, and go out and spread their wings. Creepie would rather stay home where it’s dark and warm, but Dad gently prods her to take chances, explore, and discover her world, spouting New Age jargon that makes Creepie roll her eyes. In his silky yet slimy voice, he’ll say things like: “I’m picking up some negativity. Your inner firefly isn’t glowing!” Dad’s “it’s all good” mentality sometimes puts him out of touch with what Creepie’s going through. Caroleena is much larger than he is, more dominant, and an insect-eater, so Vinnie is always careful to keep her well-fed and happy. But he likes it that way. “Oh, I love it when you threaten to eat me!” Both mom and dad are nocturnal. When Creepie comes home from school, they’re usually both asleep, dad hanging upside down with his cape-like wings wrapped around him." (Source:Mike Young Productions)



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  • In earlier drafts of the series, Vinnie was a vampire mosquito who stopped drinking blood when he adopted Creepie. In the final version, Vinnie has never sucked blood at all just like real male mosquitoes.
  • His New Age habits were also far more pronounced in earlier versions as the character profile from Mike Young Productions states he would often say New Age sayings much to the embarrassment of his daughter.
  • According to Vinnie's profile, both him and Caroleena were originally going to be nocturnal. In the final version, they are both up during the day.