Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Pill Bug
First Appearance "The Tell-Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "Night of a Thousand Legs"
Voiced by David Berni
Pauly is the brother of Gnat and adoptive brother of Creepie.

Mike Young Productions ProfileEdit

"Another one of Creepie’s adoptive brothers is Pauly, a stinkbug (or clown beetle). Stink is an apt term for Pauly – both in terms of what goes in and what comes out. Pauly will eat anything, especially rotting food and garbage, and he can always be found face-first in the nearest garbage can. And, when Pauly feels threatened, he’ll emit a stench so bad the leaves on the trees will wither and Creepie’s hair will curl. Pauly is Chuck’s reluctant partner in crime. Pauly has a lot more common sense than Chuck and can see trouble coming, but Chuck’s such a great salesman that he can always talk Pauly into his latest scheme. Pauly gets them both in trouble, too, when he ventures into the garbage cans in the cafeteria. The cans are fiercely guarded by the wiseguy roaches who have a lock on the garbage business at school and don’t want anyone invading their turf. When the hammer inevitably falls, or the fly swatter, or the rolled up newspaper, does a headstand, the stench pouring out of his butt in a noxious cloud, clearing the room and even setting off the school smoke alarm. Still, Pauly’s always ready to follow Chuck into their next adventure. Pauly is a clown in the true sense of the word, a good-natured goofball who has a talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and often ends up putting his foot (or all six of them) in his mouth." (Source:Mike Young Productions)



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  • Pauly was originally going to be a partner-in-crime to Chuck, who was a frog with a long tongue. The character was scrapped in the final version.

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