Melanie Melisma
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance "The Tell Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "Children of the Pumpkin Patch"
Voiced by Athena Karkanis
Melanie is Carla's best friend


Melanie, like Carla, is also a popular girl. She hangs out with Carla often which could mean that they are best friends but she sometimes comes off as Carla's "yes man" and easily started following the new girl Regina in Wanna Bee because she became most popular. They both have a crush on Harry but Melanie seems willing to let Carla have "first dibs" as it were. In Wax Attack, Melanie and Carla were waxed by a wax beetle and at the end, she had a wacky hairdo. She is not very intelligent and is portrayed as the stereotypical air-headed blonde who only follows whats most trendy and popular.

Mike Young Productions Profile

"Carla and Melanie are the meanest girls in school, unless you happen to be rich, good looking, or a movie producer, in which case they’ll kiss your ass. Carla and Melanie are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wanna-bes who walk around school followed by a techno-geek with a video camera who’s shooting them for the reality series that exists only in their minds. Carla and Melanie call each other every morning to coordinate their outfits. In fact, they call each other dozens of times each day on their cell phones, even when they’re in the same room. They plan to become movie star fashion designers with record deals, and are always rehearsing songs. Their overly embellished vocal gymnastics make it hard to tell one song from another. They are always laughing at their own jokes, which nobody gets, though if they stare at someone long enough, they might get a nervous laugh. When not posing for the camera or making fun of the way Creepie looks and acts, Carla and Melanie work together at Taco Pirate, a fast food restaurant. Creepie looks at Carla and Melanie as mindless drones, the embodiment of everything she doesn’t understand about human beings. By the way, Carla and Melanie’s cam-boy appendage occasionally catches some of the bug antics on his videotape but something always happens to erase the tape before he can show anyone the "evidence." (Source:Mike Young Productions)


She has long blonde hair with an pink shirt and green capri.


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