Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Gnat
First Appearance "Tell-Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "Haunting of Tiki Lagoon"
Voiced by Stevie Vallance
Gnat is a brother to Pauly, he and Pauly are pests. He's also Creepie's adoptive brother.

Mike Young Productions ProfileEdit

"Gnat has big eyes (literally). He’s Creepie’s younger brother and he loves to annoy humans. His greatest thrill is his patented Human Eyeball Divebomb. Gnat, is an “Extreme Bug,”who gets a rush out of trying to avoid the human hand, the fly swatter, or the Giant Foot. He regularly hitches a ride to school in Creepie’s backpack, and once he’s out, he’s always buzzing around Creepie and getting them both in trouble. He takes every challenge head-on, especially plate glass windows and doors. He’s always getting slammed, swatted, and knocked around, getting squashed, flattened, even dismembered – but he always miraculously survives Creepie is annoyed at her brother’s presence in school, but she’s philosophical about it. (“You can’t pick your relatives. Can’t spray ‘em with insecticide, either.”) Gnat is crazy about girl-bugs and thinks of himself as a chick-magnet. Gnat will do anything on a dare, no matter how gross, and if no one dares him, he’ll dare himself!" (Source:Mike Young Productions)



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