Edward and Lilith Timpson
Vital statistics
Gender Male and Female
Species Human
First Appearance "Home is Where the Haunt Is"
Last Appearance "Home is Where the Haunt Is"
Voiced by Unknown
Edward and Lilith Timpson are a gothic couple who only appeared in Home is Where the Haunt is and were one of the people that wanted to buy the Dweezwold Mansion that Bunny Hollyruller was trying to sell in favor of Caroleena.

While Bunny Hollyruller shows Edward and Lilith the inside of the house. Creepie and Budge try to scare them off with the float tenants trick, however they become amazed by it and accept the offer. Creepie is disappointed by this but when she sees Chris-Alice, Creepie gets her to decorate the inside of her house with rainbows, bunnies etc. The Timpsons are appalled by this, rip up the contract they were about to sign and leaves. In the end of the episode, we then see Edward and Lilith Timpson in the graveyard wondering if they'll ever find a home before going through the morgue door revealing them to ghosts the whole time.


Grow Up Creepie
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Fan Theory Edit

Although it hasn't been confirmed or hinted by the creators of the show, it's mostly theorised by fans that Edward and Lilith Timpson are the biological birth parents of Creepie.