Dr. Pappas
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance The Tell Tale Poem
Last Appearance Night of A Thousand Legs
Voiced by Juan Chioran
Dr. Pappas is the big nosed teacher of Creepie's class. Dr. Pappas is often irresponsible with his class.

Mike Young Productions Profile

"Creepie’s homeroom and first period science teacher, Dr. Pappas is a methodical and meticulous fellow, especially when he’s dissecting frogs or large insects. He’s a Niles Crane type, a bit pompous and boring and his lectures put students to sleep, though he doesn’t seem to notice. His classroom is full of insects and animals, both pickled for dissection and alive in cages. Creepie often gets in trouble for trying to free the creatures before they go under Pappas’s knife – and some of the live ones pose problems for Chuck, i.e. that frog with the really long tongue." (Source:Mike Young Productions)


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