Budge Bentley
Budge big
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance "The Tell Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon"
Voiced by Richard Yearwood
Budge Bentley is a student at Middlington Middle School, and Creepie's best friend as well as Chris Alice's. Due to his tall, broad figure, their teacher Dr. Pappas has been shown to be scared or intimidated by him, but it becomes clear that Budge does not really do this intentionally. There are thoughts that this could also be a tiny subtle commentary on racism. A few episodes later, he is shown to scare easily himself despite being highly intelligent, as shown in a few episodes with his love of science, and of a big stature. He may be the first human that Creepie admitted her "secret" to and goes out of his way to help her keep it. In fact the amount of things he does for Creepie, whether it is to help her family or a go with the self-righteous whim of hers, he is always there and willing to lend a hand with little to no complaint which implies that he is either a phenomenal friend due to the danger or illegality of several of these stunts OR that he just might have a crush on his best friend. There are also episodes that showcase more aspects of his personality such as his practice of meditations and yoga as well as his interest in crafting and support of strong family unity.

Mike Young Productions Profile

"Budge is Creepie’s first and best human friend at school. Huge, hulking, and African American, he has a deep, quiet voice. Budge’s father played college football and wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but Budge has no interest in football. He’s much more interested in science, especially entomology. Creepie has never seen a living creature as huge and scary-looking as Budge, but she likes his quiet intelligence and the fact that he accepts her for who she is. She feels safe with him. Once Budge finds out the truth about Creepie, he keeps her secret and earns her trust. Budge works downtown at the ”Tiki Chalet” restaurant. Budge is drawn to Creepie for many reasons: their mutual interest in bugs, the fact that they’re both loners, and that Creepie is non-judgemental. He also thinks she’s adorable, though he’d never admit this to her. Creepie is attracted to him, too, but she’s not ready to deal with that yet." (Source:Mike Young Productions)


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  • Budge's full name was originally going to be "Beauregard Butterworth II".